Walker & Dunlop

Since 2021 I have supported Walker & Dunlop's technology department, WDTech, by delivering creative direction, UI design, and marketing solutions to support Walker & Dunlop's transformation from a multi-family finance company into a powerhouse financial technology organization.


Motion Graphics
UI/UX Design
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Walk This Way

I have led efforts to overhaul the UI of all of WDTech's proprietary web software into a cohesive interface and user experience, called WalkWay, with a shared login and navigational structure. A shared visual language has aided WDTech with user adoption and retention rates. WDTech is now empowered to create superior learning materials across Walker & Dunlop's 1,200+ global workforce. With our new, unique look and feel we have begun to build and own our own public-facing marketing literature.

Further UI/UX work samples for W&D are available but cannot be posted within this case study due to confidentiality reasons. Please contact me for additional case study insights.

WDTech Logo Initiative

In the summer of 2022 I was chosen by company leadership to lead a logo redesign effort, a collaboration between the WDTech department and Walker & Dunlop's in-house marketing department. The goal was to design a unique logomark for WDTech that took a more contemporary, technology-focused departure from Walker & Dunlop's corporate branding while maintaining the same color palette and typography. I took each submission, my own and those of other W&D designers, and packaged them together in a presentation that would be evaluated by the W&D C-Suite for approval. Below are the logos and mockups that were my submission for the presentation.

WDTech Brand Exploration

After the logo was selected and the brand strategy pitch was approved by Walker & Dunlop's C-Suite, I explored different treatments of our new logo and brand elements across our social channels. Three graphical personas (ranging from designs that were soft and organic, to bold and contemporary directions) exhibited different visual language artifacts applied to redesigned social media content.


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