LEM Products

LEM Products is an eCommerce hunting and processing supply company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. While at Oodle I was the design lead for this account bringing to life all of the digital assets within the customer funnel, ranging from digital advertisements to video production, to campaign-oriented website landing pages.


UI/UX Design
Video Production
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Digital Display Ads

Our advertising campaign was positioned around "No Excuses", communicating to hunters that there is no excuse to not process their own game after a hunt. We developed a wide range of digital banner advertisements that captured this messaging in a concise and engaging presentation. Clickthrough on these ads would lead the consumer to the "No Excuses" campaign landing page.

Video Storyboarding

We developed and produced video content for the "No Excuses" campaign. My role was extensive during this production. I developed the script treatment, storyboarded the videos, hired voiceover talent, purchased props, designed the set, and directed the video. Covington-based Drive Media House was our creative partner and producer, handling the principal photography, lighting, color grading, and editing services.

Video Spots

We shot several scenes with both products and talent, and edited the footage into several videos, each serving as a rebuttal to a hunter's excuse for not processing their own game.

"No Excuses" Campaign Landing Page

All campaign traffic led users to the "No Excuses" campaign landing page. This page provided original recipes, featured products, and blog content that aimed to educate a hunter considering ditching the butcher and processing their own meat in order to drive up sales.


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