University of Cincinnati

In 2019, the University of Cincinnati proudly introduced UC Online, extending its world-class higher education to students nationwide. As the account's lead creative, I spearheaded the development of a diverse range of digital marketing assets, including programmatic advertising, web experiences, motion graphics advertising, and learning materials.


Motion Graphics
UI/UX Design
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Validating the Online Education Experience

Our primary objective in creating all digital advertising was to establish the credibility and value of the degrees that prospective students could earn through the University of Cincinnati online program. We developed an extensive array of assets, totaling in the thousands, strategically crafted for both social and programmatic advertising purposes. Our mission was to drive targeted traffic to the UC Online website, fostering a strong call to action and ultimately boosting enrollment rates.

Compelling Motion Graphics

Harnessing the power of motion graphics videos, we crafted captivating narratives that highlighted UC Online as an effective, trustworthy, and user-friendly platform for all students. These compelling stories resonated with potential students, inspiring confidence in their decision to choose UC Online. Additionally, we strategically showcased specific majors like the esteemed UC Online MBA program, setting it apart from other regional online MBA offerings and further reinforcing its unique appeal.


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