I had the privilege of collaborating with Novaturient, an innovative staffing startup on a mission to revolutionize the way America approaches talent onboarding. Tasked with creating their brand identity, our primary focus was to communicate three core qualities: trust, empathy, and accuracy.


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Brand Exploration

Utilizing insights gathered from our initial conversations, questionnaires, and a collaborative brainstorming session, I curated a diverse array of design concepts that traverse a broad spectrum of directions - from familiar and approachable to daring and unconventional. My meticulous process resulted in a well-rounded collection of ideas that encompass both recognizable solutions and innovative approaches, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking.


Following an extensive ideation phase, we arrived at the 'N-Arrow' concept as our chosen logo design. This badge-oriented emblem artfully integrates the Roister typeface, infusing the logo with a captivating blend of historical charm and contemporary appeal. The arrow, a central element of the design, serves as a powerful visual metaphor, symbolizing our unwavering commitment to scout exceptional talent and ensure their seamless placement in the most fitting roles.


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