10-01 Strategies

Baltimore-based founders David and Patty Simmons established 10-01 Strategies, a healthcare consultancy expanding into fresh markets. They sought a new logo to aptly embody their values and narrate their business journey.


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The new mark is intended to communicate that 10-01 Strategies is dedicated to providing clients with the attentive and personalized support often associated with smaller companies. Their strategic services not only address immediate client needs effectively but also position them for long-term success and innovation. Founded by a married couple who tied the knot on October 1st, the company's name signifies their shared values and unwavering commitment to their clients' goals.

Chosen Concept

The 10-01 team embraced the "Intersection" concept, where overlapping circles form a diamond shape with intricate intersections. This encapsulates their complex thinking in a simple design, reflecting our company essence. The gradient in the visual style further symbolizes 10-01's role bridging intricate organizations.


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